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Master Mind Tuition are a family run professional tutoring service with over 5 years of experience and expertise. We provide regular feedback and believe in a team effort where parents have an important role to play in a child’s success.

M any reasons to choose us

  • Certified Police checked
  • 5 Years of experience & expertise
  • Same tutor throughout entire journey
  • Regular feedback provided
  • Small group tutoring
  • Trusted by many

Masermind tuition reasons

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We recently enrolled our 9 year old son in Master Mind Tuition. The lessons are very interactive with debates on current topics in the news, as well as in-depth explanations on fundamental mathematical techniques and core English skills. The teachers Raj and Yogita are very welcoming and hugely passionate in their teaching. A lot of time and effort is clearly given in the preparation of their in-house teaching materials. Overall, the effect has been very positive for my son and raised his confidence significantly in a short time.

Mr & Mrs Abbas

I really like Master Mind Tuition as they teach me things before I learn them at school. It helps my confidence at school.

Ishaan Rudki, age 9

Master Mind have filled in gaps and helped build a foundation to my child's future. Thanks for the parental support and guidance too.

Mrs Jessel Shah

Master Mind Tuition is the BEST tuition in the world. It has helped my vocabulary and my English. In maths, it's helped in algebra, mean, mode and range.

Sanchit Sethi, age 9

Master Mind Tuition is helpful and fun. We fill our minds with maths and vocabulary.

Veer Shah, age 10

We tried a couple of other tutors but found them to be commercialised. When our son studied with Raj and Yogita, they gave a very personalised training which helped him learn the concepts very easily. We can see the difference the 1-2-1 attention from Raj and Yogita is making. Our son is better prepared for the 11+ tests than he was a couple of months ago. Our son looks forward to the session every week. Thank you Raj and Yogita for the hard work you are doing to help our son and others for the arduous task ahead of them.

Anurag & Divya

Courses we cover


for grammar and independent schools Our key objective is to prepare children for the 11 plus examination (including CEM-style) for grammar and independent school entry. We also provide interview practice for independent schools. We cover the key components of the 11 plus including :

  • Maths
  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing
  • Building vocabulary
  • Verbal  reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Our approach ensures that all children develop the confidence to think logically and work independently. We ensure that each child is equipped to succeed by ensuring the techniques are understood, mastered and perfected before providing extensive past paper practice.



Pre 11+

We provide a solid foundation in maths and English skills including :

  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing
  • Grammar
  • Building vocabulary

to ensure children are well prepared to start the 11+ journey.

13+ to GCSE

We provide courses in maths, physics, biology and chemistry.


11+ and Pre 11+ courses – £15 per session 13+ to GCSE: Maths, Science (covering Physics, Biology & Chemistry) – £20 per session

We are confident that your child will enjoy and benefit from our classes and therefore offer a free trial and 50% of your fees refunded after 1 month if you are not satisfied.


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